The Daly Family Story

The Daly family from Lawton, Oklahoma flew all the way to Boise, Idaho to be a part of our first annual Red Shoe Shindig on Thursday, February 27. We loved having this family at the House and at our event and wanted to share their story.

The Daly Family Story:

Our journey here started 18 years ago when our son was born December 26, 2001 with Microtia (The ear is under developed, which means he was born without an exterior ear and his level included not having the ear canal as well). At that time we did not know this is where we would end up, in the great city of Boise, Idaho. I have only been two different parts of the country that would make me want to move. Boise is one of them. We fell in love with the people and the place, especially the Ronald McDonald House and everyone associated here.

When our son was born, through research we knew that we wanted him to have the surgery. At that time, a hospital in Oklahoma told us that it would take 5 to 7 surgeries to correct his ear and he would need to be 90 lbs. Well with 4 kids, he was the one who had the metabolism I only wish I had today. It took him 9 years to get to that point, and by that time he was heavily involved in traveling soccer competitively and did not want to have the surgery for obvious reasons… he would miss too much.

Fast forward to 2017. He is now 17 years of age. He went to have a physical done in order to play sports at school. The doctor who saw him didn’t know that Nathaniel’s ear was in the condition it was. He recommended Dr. Charles Griffith here in Boise and after doing research, we made contact with him and his great assistant Star. After talking it over with Nathaniel, he decided he wanted the surgery before he goes to college. It required us to be in Boise for up to 3 to 4 weeks depending on how well he healed.

Obviously, nervousness comes along with this decision based on what’s insurance going to cover vs not cover, etc. Most of us have been there with these questions. How are we going to be away from home for at least 3 weeks? I have three other kids (2 boys and 1 daughter), who stays and who goes? Where are we going to stay and OH boy this is really going to cost a lot. Through the grace of God we were blessed with an amazing doctor and staff who had a system set up for people in our situation. Absolutely amazing. Star knew of the financial difficulty this was going to be and asked us if we would be interested in staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Boise, if they have room. I obviously said yes.

I had heard about it only through commercials on TV and never had spoken nor met anyone to my knowledge that had stayed or experienced it. We were in for a surprise of our lives with the whole experience that I could not have even imagined. A few days prior (Friday) to us leaving Lawton, Oklahoma for the long drive, we heard from someone at the Ronald McDonald House. Not sure who at that point we were speaking to, but they called to let us know they were still working on getting us situated at the House. I thought we would have to get a hotel room for a few days until there was room. We were set to leave on a Monday morning early. Then on Sunday when I started to load up my vehicle for the trip, I noticed a problem that would have prevented us from making the trip. I was able to get to a dealership to fix the problem early Monday morning but caused us to leave 4 hours later than what we intended.  Right as I was pulling out of my driveway, I got a call from someone at RMH Boise. She said “Mr. Daly, I just wanted to call you and let you know that you are all taken care of for the trip. Your room will be ready when you arrive tomorrow.” It brought tears to my eyes, because she didn’t know what we were going through at that time. Comfort just knowing that they care enough to communicate and let you know “We got ya”…Made the trip a lot easier.

We arrive at the RMH Boise after the last of the 25 hour drive and… mind blown from the beginning… from the first time walking in the door and the overall first impression when Maren greeted us was, “We are going to be ok here.” We absolutely fell in love with everyone at RMH. God blessed us to be in a place where you are cared for, where you can rest, where you have a hot meal, hot shower, and a bed to rest. The staff here was amazing and truly cared about our well-being, they are willing to answer any questions about the city, guide you where to go and just to be a comfort to us and the other families that enter the home… Our stay here was nothing short of perfect.

If you are a family in need due to a family member needing medical attention for a long period of time, I would highly recommend getting in contact with the Ronald McDonald House Boise and see if they are able to provide a room. You will never forget your experience. I know I will NEVER forget it and always be GRATEFUL for mine.

I would guess that you all are not always thanked for what you all do, but I know you have make a difference in so many people’s lives by doing what you do. YOU DO IT WELL RMH BOISE, YOU DO IT WELL!

The Daly Family