Hake Family Story


Hello. We are the Hake’s. We came to stay at the Ronald McDonald House in June (2020) for two weeks so that we could get neurotherapy help for our family along with a brain mapping. We adopted two young children a few years ago and we have been on a journey since due to health issues and attachment issues. Our family was blessed to be helped by Treasure Valley Neurotherapy while we stayed and they did a wonderful job. Our family is slowly healing due to the help given and our efforts and they made a difference in our future.

The experience that we had at the (Ronald) McDonald’s House was unbelievable and helped us concentrate on therapy and enjoy our stay while there. If I were blunt and honest…. and I think I will be…. I was originally happy to just be able to make the commitment for the help because we could stay at the House for the best price ever. We are two teachers and we could not have been able to do the financial commitment to the therapy and the costs of staying somewhere while getting help. The only reason we could was because of the financial savings we were afforded by being lucky enough to stay at the (Ronald) McDonald House. That was originally where my expectations fulfilled. I was super happy to have that break. That is thank you number one!

Here’s the part that blew me away. The volunteers and donors that gave their time and charity were so awesome. I am not an English teacher, so my words probably come off like a PE teacher….. because I am one. So I hope to express my gratitude for the stay, but I really want to impress the thanks I have to the people who made our stay so unbelievable. The front desk people went way out of their way to be helpful and cheerful and to think about us even though we didn’t ask for them too. Examples are that our daughter had a birthday while we stayed and the staff made sure she got a gift (An American girl doll!). They made her day so special.

Another example is we have a special diet due to health issues. The staff ordered us food we could eat that fit our needs without us asking for them to order anything. It was a great thoughtful gesture. The last example is that somebody approved us to have an extra room for our child who has rages due to his attachment issues. Our other children felt safe when he was able to go to another area and he could do his processing and eliminate the possibilities of someone being harmed. That was such a huge burden lifted for our family! From that night forward our family made huge strides forward due to feeling safer. I cannot express my thanks enough!

Through the course of our stay there were many other things the staff did to ease our stay. Thank you for the food that was donated! Thank you for the smiles and the help! I will be a Ronald McDonald donor from here on out. I did not realize, and now I do, what is done for families in need by your organization. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

~ Hake family | Illinois