Everything Happens For a Reason

By: Michael Marin

Everyone has a story and it is this common theme that in my opinion, brings us together in ways we cannot usually predict. Some end in what we term death, while others begin in what we term life.

The part of our story we would like to share starts with the amazing process of life coming into form, in this instance, our son Tameer Marin.

Early complications led to his first helicopter ride (we haven’t even been in a helicopter!) and a brief, if not wild, stay in the Boise NICU for two and a half weeks. There, it seems, our son had a reaction to a drug which had a large impact on his hearing. It was also there that a whole world of dedicated teams and individuals brought their complex, amazing work to light.

Tameer went home with us with an indication of hearing issues and upon our first audiology appointment, we learned that a mild situation had been diagnosed. Upon our next appointment a month or so later, it had been dialed up several notches to severe in both ears. Choosing the color of his hearing aids was the least of our concerns, though because stories need color, we chose blue and red (top and bottom), yet when red was out of stock, it was blue and blue. The Infant Toddler program and a local pediatrician assisted as did a multitude of other factors we simply refer to as, “This interesting phase of the journey.”

We practice an intentioned lifestyle to support Tameer in any way…things such as co-sleeping; breast milk from my beautiful wife Eliska and a host of donor mothers, organic juice, probiotics, homeopathics, detoxing drugs and chelating heavy metals for inflammation and brain health, and a slew of herbs. In Chinese medicine the kidneys tie into the ears and since antibiotics can damage the auditory hair cells, we wanted to cover that base with something potent. Along with these came alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, reiki, craniosacral, reflexology, voice over toning, magnet therapy, acupressure, drumming, laughing, playing intentional meditation, prayer, being around animals (dogs mostly, some horses) and of course mom’s, my, and our families’ love. Eliska’s family came all the way from Slovakia early on.

Tameer Marin – 10 Months

So now the WOW! We missed a couple of audiology appointments due to my needing extensive knee surgery and though my caring wife had her hands full taking care of two needy men, she was rewarded with amazing news when we finally got to the audiologist in Boise. Tameer’s hearing had normalized in the left ear! So he can hear high pitches for speech.

We were steeped in gratitude and Tameer said in his own words that he, “knew it months ago and that was why he kept pulling the hearing aids off and putting them in his mouth”, where they whined like little animals, alerting us of the situation. Well, little angel, we are so happy, and honor your healing capabilities and your marvelous plasticity! Please continue to heal.

Praise and gratitude to all, including the precious souls both working and passing through the Idaho Ronald McDonald House, where close proximity to the hospital and such support was absolutely vital, stress relieving and a true home away from home. May everyone passing through these doorways find this same sense of joy and wonder, community and balance, within this miraculous adventure!