Little Girl at Beach

Thanks for All the Kindness

Reese was born in McCall, ID and appeared to be as healthy as could be. Unfortunately, labor had been VERY long and more traumatic for her than we realized. Two hours after she was born, she stopped breathing and went completely blue. Miraculously, I happened to be holding her and our doctor, who was a good friend, happened to still be hanging out and sharing in our happiness. She grabbed Reese, ran out of the room, and performed infant CPR to save her life. The McCall hospital wasn’t equipped to run the necessary tests to figure out what went wrong, so the decision was made to fly Reese down to St. Luke’s in Boise.

When we got to Boise and realized that she was in amazing hands and would likely be just fine, our exhaustion caught up with us. Later that first day, we were able to secure a room at the Ronald MacDonald House and after a few hours of real rest our entire outlook improved.

We were only at the Ronald McDonald House for 3 nights, but in that time, we enjoyed fresh baked goods, homemade meals and sincere kindness from the staff, volunteers, and fellow residents. We had a comfortable bed to sleep in and a private space to gather our thoughts. We also became keenly aware that our situation, while traumatic for us, was minor in the grand scheme of issues that the families who utilize the Ronald MacDonald House experience. Having access to the Ronald McDonald House took a big load off our minds and allowed us to focus on Reese – even for just a few days…we can only imagine the impact it has for families whose children require extensive and repeated hospital stays. Worrying about kids is a right of parenthood….worrying about sick kids is overwhelming…not having to worry about accommodations when you have a sick child is a gift. Traumatic events have a way of exposing us to immeasurable kindness.

Thank you so much! ~ Ginny Carroll