Williams/Sudik Family

Williams/Sudik Family Story

Jaks Tyler Sudik has been on his own timetable ever since conception. After getting tired of waiting for his parents to decide if they were going to have a child, he surprised them both with the exciting news. Jaks was born on 11/2/22 at 31 weeks and six days, weighing 2lbs 6oz. We had come up to Boise a week before for an ultrasound and the Dr. was so concerned that Jamie was admitted for preeclampsia right away. After a scary week of staying in the hospital and being closely monitored, it was decided it was time for Jaks to be born.

Nothing quite prepares you for when you have a baby born so early and so little. Nothing quite prepares you for the emotional turmoil from being separated from your newborn baby when your heart longs to be near them at all times. Having a baby in the NICU is an experience that humbles you to your core that is filled with facing many unknowns every day. It’s also an experience that provided us an opportunity to feel loved and see so much good in the people around us.

The Ronald McDonald House provided a safe haven for us while Jaks spent 70 days in the NICU. The House itself is immaculate. The kitchens, game room, playroom, and living area really make it feel like home. The food! You knew when you walked into the kitchens, you wouldn’t leave without grabbing a cookie or two. There was always food provided during our stay. Cleanliness was a top priority at the House and so important when loved ones are in the hospital. Our rooms had the comfiest beds and were spacious. The House allowed us to have people come visit and for my other children to come and stay with us. Being only a short walk away from the hospital, we were able to be as close to Jaks as we possibly could. We truly were taken care of during our stay and wanted for nothing.

What truly makes the Ronald McDonald House special is the team of people who work and volunteer there. They always greet you with a warm smile and genuine conversation. Always asking if there is anything they can do for you. Being surrounded by people who were positive, and kind gave us some much needed sunshine when our world seemed gray. The NICU life can be very lonely at times, the people at the RMHC of Idaho were a constant reminder that you weren’t alone. Thank you so much for providing such a safe and beautiful space for families. We will forever be grateful for the Ronald McDonald House.

~ Williams/Sudik Family | Kimberly, ID | 70 Nights at the Family Room

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