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What Does it Mean to Give?

The textbook definition of giving is to freely transport something to a person. However there are many other aspects that are included when a person gives something to another person. Who is the person giving to? What is being given? What is at stake for that person giving up their portion and what does the portion mean to the person receiving the gift?


When answering the questions above as it pertains to the Ronald McDonald House, it is easy to see what the meaning of giving is and how it immediately affects those that are receiving the help.


Who is the person giving to?

When you donate to the House, your contribution directly affects families who have a child going through one of the toughest times in their life. Families don’t expect to have a child that has a major medical issue. When the medical condition arises, families have to act immediately and don’t have sufficient time or recourses to figure out the logistics of their situation. The Ronald McDonald House takes this stress away from families. A child’s condition can strike at any time and having the reassurance that the Ronald McDonald House is here for them is something that provides a sigh of relief to those parents.


What is being given?

You are giving the families a home away from home when they need it the most. You are giving them a meal after a long day at the hospital. By giving to the Ronald McDonald House, you are making it possible for families to have a network of people and resources to help them through their hardship. Whether it be time spent volunteering, giving monetary or in-kind gifts, or spreading awareness of the Ronald McDonald House, you are helping take away many stressors that the families would otherwise experience. Many things can’t be measured in numbers but is essential for families that stay with the house. For example an ease of mind is something that every parent deserves and is provided to the parents so that they have one less thing to worry about.


What do the donations mean to the guests?

When you donate to the house, a family is able to stick together to support one another through the child’s struggle. Parents and their child should never have to be separated from one another during such difficult times. Your donation means that a mother can be at the child’s side through the entire process of their treatment. Having the Ronald McDonald House is something that a family cannot put a price tag on due to how much the other families and staff members are able to support the family through their highs and lows. The amount given is worth its weight in gold and families are forever grateful to the House and the people who donate to it.


When it comes to the Idaho Ronald McDonald House, support from the community is a concept that allows the House to continue helping families. Through people like you willing to give, the House is able to exist and families with a sick child are able to have hot meals, housing, transportation, and much more all in the midst of trying to help their child beat their illness.


Donate today to help the Ronald McDonald House continue its mission in helping families.