Family Room Volunteer Spotlight: Jim Pletscher

Jim Pletscher Receives the Brightest Star Award from the Idaho Nonprofit Center for Idaho Philanthropy Day.

Idaho Philanthropy Day is celebrated statewide with award ceremonies to recognize the amazing philanthropic work of nonprofit organizations, foundations, businesses, and individuals nominated by their peers. The Idaho Philanthropy Day awards encompass the spirit of philanthropy including: time, talent, treasure, and involvement in community.

Recipients of the Brightest Star Award have demonstrated exceptional leadership through a significant amount of service and volunteerism in their community. Jim Pletscher was recognized for his time and energy spent on improving the Idaho Falls downtown area. Jim does so much for so many in the community and for so many in the community. He has spent time fixing up graffiti, shoveling the sidewalks, cleaning up garbage, and much more. Jim also volunteers at the hospital and Ronald McDonald House Charities Family Room.

Jim is always looking for a way to make a difference! Click here to see Jim get recognized by the Idaho Non Profit Center at the 49:35 mark.

Question & Answer Session with Jim:

1. Tell us something you’d like others to know about you.
If I observe that there is a need that is not being met, I like to step in a see if I can help in some way.

2. What is your usual volunteering job with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho?

3. How long have you been volunteering for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho?
     1 year [Since the Family Room opened].

4. How did you become a volunteer? And as a volunteer, what drew you to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho?
     It was a brand new experience for me. I primarily baked various treats and did miscellaneous odd jobs like hanging pictures and whiteboards on the wall or assembling/donating a tool kit for use by all in the Family Room.

5. What do you enjoy about being an RMHC of Idaho volunteer?
     Ability to do a specific task that is short in duration each week (like baking muffins or doing a delivery) so that I can then perform other volunteer work elsewhere in the community that same day.

6. In your time as an RMHC of Idaho volunteer, is there a meaningful moment or interaction you’ve carried with you?
     Learning to do a special task or bake/cook some items that I had not done before.

7. What advice do you have for other volunteers (either current or onboarding) who are connected to RMHC of Idaho?
     Be reliable so that others can count on you!

Volunteer: Boise Ronald McDonald House

Volunteer: Eastern Idaho Family Room