Towler Family

Towler Family Story

At that very moment when our world was turned upside down and our baby was admitted to the NICU, millions of unknowns were ahead of us not including the thoughts; of where do we sleep, what do we eat, we packed for a night, how long will this go on, how far away do we have to get from our child? Having the opportunity to be a part of the Ronald McDonald Family Room made the chaos bearable. We were welcomed and loved and always greeted with smiles. The day we settled in; Lori told us “Make yourself at home!” She insisted we want this to feel like home. In my mind I laughed, The only thing I could think was the closest thing to home here is that picture of the Barn and the Tetons. After our 14 day stay the goodbye was hard. It HAD become like a home-away-from-home. We will FOREVER be grateful to RMHC and the staff and will continue to support it though our lives in hopes that it continues to make one of the worst situations just a little bit better.

~ Towler family  |  Victor, ID  |  14 nights at the Ronald McDonald Family Room