The Clarke Family Story

Our family had the honor of staying in the Ronald McDonald House beginning on December 25, 2016.  Our little warrior was born on December 20, 2016, at 29 weeks weighing in at 1 lb. 13. 5 oz. At the time we were living in Twin Falls and in the transition of moving to Burley, Idaho where my husband was starting his new job on Jan. 2nd. Not to mention I was emergency hired during my student teaching in Twin Falls, supposed to be graduating from ISU, and trying to write months of sub plans not knowing how long I was going to be gone from my classroom. Between all the chaos of having a premature baby in Boise, starting a new job, teaching/graduating, and moving, we were concerned where we would stay and how we would manage and afford to be in Boise while Owen stayed in the NICU. My parents looked into if there was a Ronald McDonald House in Boise.  They knew about Ronald McDonald because 12 years earlier when my sister had her twins at 28 weeks in Salt Lake, this is where she stayed while my nieces were in the NICU. The Ronald McDonald House had helped my sister then and my parents knew they would help us now.

We checked into the RMH on December 25th when I was released from the hospital.  We ended up staying for 54 days as our little guy grew and progressed in the NICU.  My husband would commute back and forth from Burley to Boise and visit when he could because of work.  I stayed at RMH the entire time and absolutely loved that I could be just across the street from the hospital.  It was so nice not to stress or worry constantly knowing that I could be so close to my little guy without actually being there with him.  During those 54 days, my family would come to visit. The RMH employees would treat them as well as they treated us. We felt that we were home in spite of not being actually home. We were so beyond grateful for the volunteers and everyone that helped in making us feel comfortable and loved through one of the toughest times in our lives. We are forever grateful to the Ronald McDonald House and all those that helped in making our difficult journey one of ease and gratitude.

We came to visit a year after our journey to introduce Owen and give back the little that we could.  We plan to every year help give back to the House and families that are going through their own difficult journeys. We know we can never repay the Ronald McDonald House for what they did for us, but we know we can continue to promote and help give and donate to this amazing organization. Thank you RMH for being a light and strength for our family when we needed it most.

~ The Clarke Family, Burley ID