Executive Director
Mindy Plumlee
I am living a purposeful life that focuses on service and is authentic in the way I engage in my surroundings, drawing happiness and energy from time spent outdoors. I look for the fun moments in life and take pride in being a person who is dependable and follows through on commitments to myself and others.

Development Director
Ellie Pharis
I am passionate about my family, friends, and the work I do. I genuinely care about people and find joy in helping others.

Director of Operations
Mike Krause
In a world of unknowns and continuous change, I am intrinsically driven to help humanity, anywhere in the world, bring about a sense of shared purpose, equity and overall pride in our collective endeavors while simultaneously combating the destructive nature of cynicism and fear-driven zero sum convictions.

Data and Administrative Director
Ramona Dopps
To live a life filled with joy and happiness while being the best version of myself that I can be. I will look for opportunities to gain knowledge about my community and help where I can.”

Director of Community Engagement - Eastern Idaho
Lori Priest
I find pleasure in doing things that make a positive difference in the lives of my family, friends and community. I use the challenges of my past to have empathy for those who are hurting. Integrity and honesty are values that guide my decisions. I am mindful that life has some really hard moments but there is good to be found and I choose to see it. I am comfortable to let others know how much I truly care about them. Sharing encouragement, hope and laughter brings my heart joy.

Special Events Coordinator
Jill Smith
To use my gifts of compassion, encouragement and humor to serve others, spark joy and show God’s love.

Volunteer Coordinator
Micaela de Loyola-Carkin
I love collaborating with people especially when it comes to problem solving and developing programs to assist others in making meaningful connections in service to others. I like to be creative in all aspects of my life whether at work or at home. I need time to myself or in small intimate groups to reenergize. If nothing else…I will live in the moment, unless it is unpleasant in which case I will eat a cookie.

Communications Manager
Taylor Munson
I live each day with the kindness, love, and humility I wish to see in the world. I find peace in the small things, and seek out the beauty in everything and everyone in hopes that it will lift others up and make the world just a little brighter.

Family Services Coordinator
Maren Hermanstorfer
I hope and strive to: Be a positive force in the lives of others. Live a life of honesty, integrity and love. Never lose site of what is most important, loving others. Be a light in the world, to leave it a little brighter than when I entered. Always see joy in the little things and to share that joy with others.

Family Services Coordinator
Stephanie Moore
Being motivated, informed, and sustained by faith, I’m able to see the uniqueness of each person as their strength. I have confidence in each person’s value and potential, and encourage people as they grow daily into their full, best selves.

House Services Manager
Jordyn Eaton
I value the well-being of others and I’m passionate about positively impacting the lives of those I meet with the ultimate goal of bringing a smile to the faces of those who need it most. I offer creativity and laughter as often as possible, knowing the power they have to lift spirits. With self-acceptance, I embrace and learn from my flaws and mistakes as I reach my fullest potential to be my best self.

Family Room Coordinator
Sarah Patterson
Everyday I wake up to live a life full of hope, integrity, and purpose. I choose to grow from past challenges and show myself self-compassion. I want to be helpful by putting my family and friends first. I will live a life that creates real change by following my passions. I'm creative and fun in the way I choose to navigate life. Living each day actively helping those that are destitute and discouraged. Most importantly feeling joy regardless of what is happening or not happening in my life.

Family Services Manager
Alondra Banuelos
Personal Mission Statement coming soon...

Family Services Manager
Michelle Eisentrager
I know I am meant to invest in the lives of those around me in a meaningful way by showing God’s love through compassion, generosity, encouragement and respect. My job does not define who I am. Who I am defines how I do my job.

Family Services Manager
Susan Fichtner
I strive to find joy in my daily life and pass that joy onto others. I treat others as I wish to be treated. I feel most fulfilled when I have purpose in my everyday life. I enjoy being active and productive with a heart towards service.

Family Services Manager
Paige Hall
I live my life consistently well by being authentic in my relationships, generous with my resources, and giving of my time. I am full of hope, embracing each new day as an opportunity to fulfill my passions with purpose.

Family Services Manager
Linda McGarvey
I live every day with hope and purpose, radiating compassion and genuineness so that everyone I connect with knows they are worthy of love and acceptance.

Family Services Manager
Jenna Nathan
To be relentless in all aspects of life; from building meaningful relationships, to selflessly assisting others and working hard to be a part of something that is bigger than myself.

Family Services Manager
Allyssa Tedeschi
To serve all people of my community by bringing joy to each individual person I interact with, in an effort to show kindness and gratitude for the love that has been shown to me. I want to be a light for those in need with haste towards the betterment of myself and my neighbor.

Family Services Manager
Kathy Yi
I serve as an instrument of positive change for my family, co-workers, and community. With kindness and empathy, I generously help others. I find joy and hope seeing the goodness in people and the world around us.

Family Room Manager
Melissa Checketts
I find fulfillment through serving others. I have been served in times of need and know how much of a difference a simple act of kindness can make so I strive to spread joy. I focus on personal growth and reaching my goals daily. I value other's time and talents and appreciate opportunities to collaborate and learn.

Family Room Manager
Sarah Nielsen
I strive to serve through an understanding and positive demeanor. I want my attitude and empathy to create a better environment around me where others feel that they can thrive. I am passionate about my endeavors and abilities to help others and intend to find a moment to help someone each day. I want to be someone that each person can feel better around and have someone to lean on while they heal and grow.

Family Room Manager
Paytinn O’Rullian
I use compassion and genuity to make those I encounter feel loved and accepted. I contribute to helping those around me feel open and have hope in the future. In times of hardship and sadness, I strive to provide a place where love can be felt, support can be recognized, and friendships can form.