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Searle Family Story

Our little miracle, Gracyn was born on June 23, 2021, in Twin Falls and within seconds started having seizures. She would be flown to the Boise NICU where she would spend her first 45 days fighting what we would be told was a rare form of drug-resistant infant epilepsy called Ohtahara Syndrome. She would have 2 surgeries that would make it so we could care for her at home and after 6 and a half weeks in the NICU filled with many ups and downs, we got to bring Gracy home. Her sisters were so excited to hold her! The days were long and nights longer as we tried our best to comfort Gracy and give her everything she needed. She was just the cutest snuggle bug! She fought hard for 8 months, and we are extremely proud of her. In March 2022 she returned to her Heavenly Father. She means so much to us and was loved beyond words.

What the Ronald McDonald House means to us…well more than what I feel I can accurately describe! The people and room 202 were my family and home while my baby was fighting for her life. On our first night at the hospital, Kade and I slept on a cot in an extra room and the next day we were able to get checked in at the Ronald McDonald House. We got the tour and I felt so much relief knowing I was going to be so close to Gracyn. The House was more than a roof over my head it was my safe place in a time where every corner I turned, hurt was tracking me down.

Gracyn had 3 sisters back at home and I felt so guilty spending every moment I could with Gracyn, and guilty if I was with Aftyn, Emersyn, and Adalyn and not a Gracyn’s bedside. Because of the House, we were still able to be a family on the weekends when Kade would bring the girls up to Boise to see me. We got to use passes to take the girls to the Boise Zoo, The Birds of Prey Center, the Discovery Center and the YMCA. It was really hard on them for me to be away in Boise and doing things as a family kept us close. All of my girls needed me, and because of the amazing blessing of the Ronald McDonald House Charities things still felt as normal as they could. We all snuggled into our room and dreamed of the day when Gracy would be able to be with us! Our friends, families and even strangers had begun to hear about Gracyn and people wanted to help us, so my family put together with help of so many a huge donation for the RMH. They pulled up in their mini vans filled to the top full of items the House needed. We knew once we got to take Gracy home that we would be back many times for doctor appointments and would stay at the House when we could to help with costs and fill the love of all the staff. They always remembered our names and were so eager to know how Gracyn was doing. In our almost 7 weeks there not only did they care for me, they made our family feel loved! Gracyn would spend another 2 weeks in the PICU and I stayed again at the House. I wouldn’t have made it through those hard days without the friendships, food, comfy bed, and goodies! The Ronald McDonald House blessed my family beyond words and a simple thank you will never feel like enough for the gratitude I feel for the help they gave us!

~ Searle Family | Kimberly, ID | 58 Nights at the House

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