Volunteer Spotlight: Tanner Goodworth

Ronald McDonald House Volunteer Spotlight: Tanner Goodworth

Question & Answer Session with Tanner:

  1. Tell us something you would like others to know about you.
    I’m 19 years old and am currently doing a service mission. 
  2. What is your usual volunteering job with the Ronald McDonald Family Room?
    Baking and also general cleaning tasks.
  3. How long have you been volunteering at the Family Room?
    Just over one year, fourteen months to be exact.
  4. How did you become a volunteer? And as a volunteer, what drew you to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho?
    I started doing a service mission, and the Ronald McDonald Family Room popped up as a place I could serve at. I have a personal connection though…my parents were some of the first people who were able to stay at the Family Room when it first opened. So I said I want to help there!
  5. What do you enjoy about being a volunteer?
    The pleasant atmosphere is always so nice. And it’s really fun trying different baking recipes that I have never made before. But what I enjoy most of all is having meaningful conversations with the people that work, volunteer, and visit the Family Room.
  6. In your time as a volunteer at the Family Room, is there a meaningful moment or interaction you’ve carried with you?
    When I come to volunteer at the Family Room there typically are’t too many people or families around due to the time of day I show up. So really any time I get to see a child who is in the hospital come to the Family Room and just relax, eat, and find a good toy is always really special for me!
  7. What advice do you have for other volunteers (either current or onboarding) who are connected to RMHC of Idaho?
    Smile! It makes volunteering so much nicer for you and everyone around you!

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