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Nancee Bakken Headshot

Executive Director
Nancee Bakken
I am passionate about serving others and leading a purposeful life dedicated to improving our community. Building and maintaining meaningful relationships is really important to me. Each day brings the opportunity to share comfort, hope and strength to those in need and I always remember to lead by example, focus on the positive and treat others with kindness and compassion.

Joanna Mushlitz Headshot

Director of Operations
Joanna Mushlitz
I serve others by role modeling compassionate leadership, living a balanced life, and making a positive impact on my community.

Amber Buckles Headshot

Administrative Director
Amber Buckles
Mission statement coming soon…

Anna Buschbacher Headshot

Development Director
Anna Buschbacher
Each day, I strive to share a smile, give back to my community, work hard and be dependable, and create healthy-happy steps for me and my family. I find that when I begin the day with these positive directions, I step into the day ready to share love and compassion, and smiles are easy to share.

Robin O'Neill Headshot

Director of People & Learning
Robin O’Neill
I enjoy supporting and motivating others to continually learn and grow professionally. Each day is a gift to make a positive difference in supporting the RMHC team and the community.

Lori Priest Headshot

Director of Community Engagement – Eastern Idaho
Lori Priest
I find pleasure in doing things that make a positive difference in the lives of my family, friends and community. I use the challenges of my past to have empathy for those who are hurting. Integrity and honesty are values that guide my decisions. I am mindful that life has some really hard moments but there is good to be found and I choose to see it. I am comfortable to let others know how much I truly care about them. Sharing encouragement, hope and laughter brings my heart joy.

Kristen Nimmo Golden Headshot

Marketing and Communications Manager
Kristen Nimmo Golden
To spread hope and love wherever I go, and to live with purpose and passion in all that I do. Whether through my work, my relationships, or my daily actions, I strive to be a positive influence on those around me, and to make a meaningful impact.

Maren (2)-square

Family Services Manager
Maren Hermanstorfer
I hope and strive to: Be a positive force in the lives of others. Live a life of honesty, integrity and love. Never lose site of what is most important, loving others. Be a light in the world, to leave it a little brighter than when I entered. Always see joy in the little things and to share that joy with others.

Jenna Nathan Headshot

Family Services Manager
Jenna Nathan
To be relentless in all aspects of life; from building meaningful relationships, to selflessly assisting others and working hard to be a part of something that is bigger than myself.

Jamie Sheelar Headshot

Special Events Manager
Jamie Sheelar
I strive to contribute happiness to all those around me. Life can be difficult, and I want to share my light. If that means cracking a joke, sharing excitement, or simple smile, I am happy to give. I believe that every day I learn something new, and I am eager to challenge myself, to be my best self.

Stephanie Meredith Headshot

Volunteer Manager
Stephanie Meredith
Being motivated, informed, and sustained by faith, I’m able to see the uniqueness of each person as their strength. I have confidence in each person’s value and potential, and encourage people as they grow daily into their full, best selves.

Jennifer Spencer Headshot

Development Associate
Jennifer Spencer
Service to others and building meaningful relationships filled with compassion, empathy, and kindness are my foundation. My passion is using my talents and skills to better the lives of those who need a helping hand. All of us are equal and deserving of love, hope, and understanding.

Renee Limb Headshot

Housekeeping Coordinator
Renee Limb
When waking up every morning, I am always making sure I am going to put a smile on someone’s face. That when doing my job I do it 100% with an acceptance from others. And finally realizing I am very important to myself and to others around me, that I have a purpose, compassion for others and that I can always be myself no matter who I am around.

Morgan Anderson Headshot

Family Services Specialist
Morgan Anderson
I strive to create a lasting positive impact by using my skills, knowledge, and life experiences to support and nurture others. I hope to build lasting relationships full of love, compassion, and honesty. I’m reminded every day that this life is too short- I want to find beauty in even the small things and honor my son’s memory by living my life in a meaningful, uplifting way.

Nicole Barrier Headshot

Family Services Specialist
Nicole Barrier
To be an advocate for change; To inspire others to live the life of their dreams; To unabashedly challenge injustice; To keep ethics at the forefront of my decision making; To pursue lifelong learning and growth; To keep moving forward.

Family Services Specialist
Veronica Camargo
I strive to live a life of compassion, growth and purpose: leading all my actions with an open heart and a willingness to learn. I hope to create and foster meaningful relationships full of joy, laughter and gratitude. I choose to see the light in all things because it is ultimately our relationships, feelings and experiences we remember most.

Ella Ciancia Headshot

Family Services Specialist
Ella Ciancia
To live my life in service to others, creating a welcoming atmosphere filled with compassion, laughter and respect for everyone I encounter. I strive to understand each person without judgement, giving them the love and respect they deserve. I aim to be a positive change and contribute to a more inclusive and unified world.

Rachel Donaldson Headshot

Family Services Specialist
Rachel Donaldson
My goal is to always encourage an environment of respect and inclusivity. I seek to utilize empathy, teamwork, and care to ensure guests feel as comfortable as possible. Growing these traits will help me cultivate lasting connections with everyone I come into contact with. I hope that my continuous pursuit of knowledge and development will lead me to make a significant impact within the social work field.

Kayshauna Freeman Headshot

Family Services Specialist
Kayshauna Freeman
Mission statement coming soon…

Natalie Garner Headshot

Family Services Specialist
Natalie Garner
I choose to walk a path that is guided by an ethic of love as I seek out beauty, truth, and connection. I strive to nurture and support the spiritual growth in myself and others. I greet all I encounter with empathy and an open heart and mind.

Alex Geffon Headshot

Family Services Specialist
Alex Geffon
To leave a positive impact on every person I meet. To lead with empathy and encouragement, offering kind words or supportive gestures to brighten one’s day. To make a difference in the lives of others through love and compassion.

Monica Player Headshot

Family Services Specialist
Monica Player
I endeavor to live with empathy to broaden my compassion and perspective for everyone.  I am passionate about families, in all their unique forms. I have experienced their importance in my own life and strive to advocate, support, encourage, and assist others in building and maintaining strong family units.


Family Services Specialist
Kathy Yi
I serve as an instrument of positive change for my family, co-workers, and community. With kindness and empathy, I generously help others. I find joy and hope seeing the goodness in people and the world around us.

Niki Blackwell

Family Room Specialist
Niki Blackwell
I believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to everyone. I believe in looking for the good in everyone, and in helping people see the good in others. I believe in being compassionate and charitable, especially to those that are down trodden and in need. I believe in being genuine with people, and expect others to be genuine with me. I believe in laughter and humor, to help lift the spirits and bring joy to others.

Diana Clinger Headshot

Family Room Specialist
Diana Clinger
More than ever and especially since the isolation that occurred during COVID, I am all about LOVE and CONNECTION! Being open, authentic and vulnerable enough to share my story/my truth and letting people feel safe enough to share theirs with me. We are all here to help walk each other home – side by side on this journey called life. Sprinkle in a healthy dose of fun and humor into the mix and you have my life motto.

Jeff Slocum Headshot

Family Room Specialist
Jeff Slocum
I’m thankful for the generosity of our community that enables the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho to provide support to those that are caring for their child’s medical needs. I strive to serve all those that use our services in any way appropriate to listen, answer questions, to provide nourishment to everyone that visits or stays with us.

Kim Weil Headshot

Family Room Specialist
Kym Weil
As I grew up my heart always wanted and needed to help others.  living my passion over 40 years in the healthcare field and enjoyed working with charity groups in my town. After retirement I missed the passion of caring and helping others.  RMFR was an answer to everything, the fulfillment I have in my heart to continue helping and caring of others is more than I can explain.

Board of Directors

Great Guidance Through Wisdom and Experience


Mike Alexander

Elizabeth Criner

Vice President
Elizabeth Criner
Veritas Advisors LLP

Lisa Bescherer Headshot

Lisa Bescherer

Trish Quarles

Trish Quarles
Regence BlueShield of Idaho

Greg Jones Headshot

Greg Jones
Lamb Weston

Mark Anderson Headshot

Past President
Mark Anderson
UltraClean & Food Network

RMHC Board Member
Misty Benjamin
Idaho National Labratory

Lynsay Celentano Headshot

RMHC Board Member
Lynsay Celentano
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center

Besty Hunsicker Headshot

RMHC Board Member
Betsy Hunsicker
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC)

Darren Kyle Headshot

RMHC Board Member
Darren Kyle
McDonald’s of South Central Idaho

Sharon Miller

RMHC Board Member
Sharon Miller
Lamb Weston

Will Miller Headshot

RMHC Board Member
Will Miller

Asset 1

RMHC Board Member
Valerie Reardon

Jayson Ronk Headshot

RMHC Board Member
Jayson Ronk
Blue Cross of Idaho

Doug Stone Headshot

RMHC Board Member
Doug Stone
J.R. Simplot Company

Marcene Taylor

RMHC Board Member
Marcene Taylor
Marcene Taylor Inc.

Henry Thompson Headshot

RMHC Board Member
Henry Thompson, MD
St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital

Carrie Westergard Headshot

RMHC Board Member
Carrie Westergard
Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau