Nicholas Family

Hailey, ID

My baby boy Nathan was born 5 weeks early. He weighed 2.2 kilograms and there was something wrong with his esophagus, so they flew him to the NICU in Boise. He had a fast surgery four days after he was born to fix his esophagus. He’s gone through so much surgery and dilations on his esophagus.

Nathan’s our second child, our first one is Jonathan and he’s 5-years-old. Nathan stayed in the hospital for 24 weeks and at the time only mom and dad can take turns one at a time to see Nathan. His brother saw him for the first time 4 days before his discharge. Almost 6 months has been very hard for us to be able to balance our life and our love for both of our kids. It was hard for my 5-year-old to understand everything. The only thing he knows is his youngest brother needs to stay in the hospital and we need to go to Boise every weekend to see Nathan. And finally today, April 5th, Nathan is discharged. We’re together!

~Nicholas family | Hailey, ID | 103 Nights at the House