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Lopez Family Story

We ended up at the Ronald McDonald House because my 11-year-old son had a terrible Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and had to be life flighted to Boise. He had to have surgery due to inflammation in the brain and was sedated for 10 days. We ended up spending 50 nights at the House!

I had heard of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho years ago though when I was in the PICU, because a family friend of ours had twins in Boise, and she had to stay at the Ronald McDonald House many times for a few years. But it’s one of those things where you don’t fully remember that the House is there, until you are in that kind of situation where you need it.

When we were at St. Luke’s, with my son, the social worker from the hospital came to me and told me about the Ronald McDonald House because they knew we were going to be in Boise for a long time due to my son’s accident. When they told me about Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho, I pictured the old House, I didn’t know that a brand new one had been built. So, when I came over to the new House for the first time they gave me a tour, and the place is beautiful! It is very welcoming, for sure. Everybody and everything is just so nice….all the kitchens and all the services, just everything.

RMH has really helped us, because there is a point when you are going through something terrible, you just don’t know what to expect. The fact that we were able to have a room, a place to shower, somewhere to eat, when we didn’t know where we were going to go…it helped make the process a little bit easier.

As a parent, you have so much else going on with your kid being in the hospital and their care, that being at the House made it way better for us. Specifically, I think everybody was really, really sweet, and so helpful! They supported us in all the ways that they could. Once my son was able to get out of the hospital, we started to do more activities, and both of my kids got to visit the secret toy closet and win some prizes. We enjoyed the playroom and game room, everything outside. Also, the fact that my sister could come up and stay with me to be that support that I needed during such hard time was wonderful. My mom was able to stay with me a couple of days as well. The fact that I had somewhere to stay, plus have family that could come and support me, it just, it made it a little bit easier going through such tough times.

We still will be coming back to Boise for appointments because he’s not completely out of the woods, but at least the worst part is behind us. And I do know that when I need it, I can still stay at the House which is wonderful.

Thank you so much for supporting us and offering this home away from home for us!

~ Lopez Family | Hailey, ID | 50 Nights at the House

Help provide a home away from home for more families like the Lopez family!

For only $10, you can give families of ill or injured children a home away from home by providing a night stay at the Idaho Ronald McDonald House. Families are asked to contribute $10 per night, but no family is ever turned away because they cannot pay.