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Krieger/Meador Family Story

I was airlifted to Boise with severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. We were hoping I would just be bedridden for several weeks to give the baby time to grow. Sadly, my body was not going to let that happen and baby Jack was born by emergency c-section on 4/21/22 at just 28 weeks gestation and 2 lbs. 3.9 oz. Being born so early, it was no surprise that Jack had to work through a lot of concerns including being on a ventilator (and then graduating to CPAP after a few weeks), 2 chest tubes, a urinary catheter (there was an initial concern for posterior urethral valves), PDA and heart murmur, jaundice, ROP, tachypnea, etc. For such a little boy, it’s amazing everything he has been able to overcome. When we left the NICU, Jack was off oxygen, with no feeding tube, 42 weeks gestation, and 7 lbs. 10 oz!

Being able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House made it so that I could visit Jack every day while also taking care of myself to heal (I had to have my gallbladder removed 5 weeks post C-section too). Without RMHC, it would have been a 2.5 hour commute to see baby Jack, or we would have had to spend $70+/night to stay in the area (which would’ve been over $6000 minimum to stay the whole time). I have to believe a small part of Jack’s progress was from me being able to spend so much time with him doing skin-to-skin time and just holding him. We are eternally grateful to RMHC and the Boise team. In addition to having a place to stay, it was such a relief to not have to worry about every meal, or even just having one of the volunteers or staff (or even one of the many nice families staying at the same time) to chat with about what we were going through.

We have been telling everyone about our great experience in hopes that they will see the amazing work you guys do and will donate to your cause. We’re so thankful for everything in addition to being able to continue to go to RMHC for Jack’s future appointments when he has them back-to-back or late in the day.

~ Krieger/Meador Family | Hailey, ID | 98 Nights at the House

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