Jensen Family Story

In November of 2011, we got the surprise of our lives when we found out that we were expecting triplets after years of infertility. At 23 weeks, we learned that our first little girl, Macie, had passed away from a condition called TTTS. We also found out that I had developed pre-eclampsia and would be admitted to the hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy. Just one week later, my health worsened and our triplets were born at 24 weeks gestation. We were told that our babies had a 50% chance of survival and, if they did survive, could face a life of significant disability.

On day 5, our sweet Ellie unexpectedly passed away. This is pretty much where we hit rock bottom. On day 8, Nate’s doctors discovered that his intestine had perforated due to an infection called NEC. This condition was commonly fatal and required emergency surgery to remove the diseased portion of his intestine. He again, miraculously, made it through.

On day 10, after 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital, I was finally released and we were sent to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. Every step away from the hospital gave me the most horrible feeling. I knew that my time with Nate could end at any moment and I wanted to spend as much of it with him as I could. The Ronald McDonald House made that possible for me. Nate spent 140 days in the hospital. He endured a total of 4 surgeries, several infections, countless setbacks, and even more steps forward. For those 140 days, the Ronald McDonald House provided us with a place to stay that was minutes away from our baby. They provided meals for us, a place where our families were always welcome to visit us, and an amazing staff that became our friends and Nate’s biggest cheerleaders. But, most importantly, they provided a way for me to be there with Nate for every diaper change, feeding, and milestone which made me feel, in a small way, like just a normal mother.