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Hyde Family Story

Our daughter, Chaise was born with a birth defect called Microtia and Atresia which means that her outer ear didn’t fully develop and there was no ear canal. Because of this, there was no hearing. She wore a hearing aid attached to a soft band starting at 3 months old to almost 5 when she got her surgery. The Ronald McDonald House was such a huge blessing for us, and it alleviated so much stress. Her surgery was almost 12 hours long and the aftercare was very time-consuming, painful, and quite intense. To not have to worry about housing during that time was so nice. Everyone at the House was so kind and accommodating, it meant so much to me that we were able to stay there and were welcomed so generously. The meals, gifts for my daughter and the other 2 kids from the magic toy closet, the welcome bags, and the staff making an effort to be a friend with my daughter, and I made a big difference in our life. Not to mention the movie nights, free passes to the zoo and so many offers of help and support. It was a lonely and stressful time, but I will never forget the generosity of everyone there. The Ronald McDonald House holds such a special place in our hearts!

~ Hyde Family | Rexburg, ID | 11 Nights at the House

Help provide a home away from home for families like the Hyde family!

For only $10, you can give families of ill or injured children a home away from home by providing a night stay at the Idaho Ronald McDonald House. Families are asked to contribute $10 per night, but no family is ever turned away because they cannot pay.