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Hendricks Family Story

We are the Hendricks, we have four older children, Leah is our fifth. And we’re adopting a two-year-old. We came to be at the Ronald McDonald House because we had our daughter Leah at 28 weeks gestation. I developed preeclampsia, and my kidneys started to fail, so they decided to do a c-section, so she was born early. Leah weighed one pound twelve ounces when she was first born and ended up at one pound eight ounces. Justin and I had been trying to have a baby for a couple of years and we had lost a couple of our pregnancies before Leah. Leah was also a twin, but we lost her twin at 16 weeks pregnant.

As far as the Ronald McDonald House, the importance and value that we found in the House are almost immeasurable because we got to be so close to Leah. Every day we got to see her, which wouldn’t have been possible if we weren’t right there across the street! Leah ended up staying 70 days in the NICU.

The support we had from the staff was incredible, they truly treated us like family! They asked us every day how we were doing, and they really paid a lot of attention to my teenager who was struggling. They made him feel so welcome and at ease and helped him not be so bored. Financially speaking not having to pay for a hotel and food and things like that was amazing because we spent quite a long time at the House. The staff let my toddler go into the toy room to get toys and to find little things, and they would always sit and play with her. My toddler just loved all the staff up there. We loved that the House has outside toys and a playground and things like that.

You guys were so accommodating to everything that we needed physically and emotionally! It was just such an honor to be able to be part of that group of people.

~ Hendricks Family | Vale, OR | 70 Nights at the House

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