Glodowski Family Story

In June 2019, only a week after losing a young family member, my younger brother, who was only 12 at the time, was diagnosed with a staph infection in his left tibia bone. He got staph after having a pin pulled out of his pinky 6 weeks post-op from having his pinky finger essentially rebuilt after an accident. My family spent 4 days in our local hospital before the infection became too much for our small hospital to handle and they sent us to see the infectious disease specialist in Boise.

We were in Boise for 9 days but it felt like months. He had to have 2 major surgeries in 3 days to drill 5 large holes in his bone to drain the infection via wound vac. Even after all of that, he came home with a picc line to give him antibiotics every 4 hours for two weeks which required around-the-clock care. He was essentially on house arrest as a 12-year-old boy at the beginning of summer break. He was on crutches the whole summer and was barely able to walk again in time for school to start back up.

Due to a huge soccer tournament being held in Boise at the time we had to drive over an hour away to get the last hotel we could find, we thought about just driving the two and half hours home every night. After the first two nights, a room at the Ronald McDonald House opened up and my dad and I were able to stay there. They were so kind and did so much for us. They gave us hot meals and anything we needed to help us feel more at home and help ease some of the financial burdens that come from having a child in the hospital for such a long period of time. We had a lot of support from our family and friends, support that I know a lot of families in similar situations don’t get, and that’s what the House is there for. Since that day, June 22, 2019, I’ve known that I was going to give back to them for my senior project. I am collecting donations to make the welcome bags for the families staying at the House via Amazon registry due to Covid. My family and I will never be able to thank them enough for everything that they did.

~ Glodowski family  |  Twin Falls, ID  |  5 nights a the Idaho Ronald McDonald House