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Gharring Family Story

At the start of July 2022, we welcomed our first child, Henri, in Twin Falls, ID. While there had been no indicator of any issue during our pregnancy, when Henri was born it became quickly apparent that there was an issue. He was rushed to the NICU where luckily nurses were able to quickly identify that he had a TE fistula. His esophagus had developed as a pouch at the top and the lower part had attached to his trachea. Henri was scheduled to be life flighted immediately to St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, where he would undergo surgery the next day to repair his trachea and connect his esophagus. We quickly followed but had no idea what would follow the procedure.

As new parents, having our son life-flighted away and admitted to the NICU in a different city was overwhelming. Being connected with the Ronald McDonald House early on was a huge blessing as it allowed us to stay close to Henri and still have a homebase where we could rest, recover, and take care of ourselves during a very difficult time. It was a huge blessing to have food available if we weren’t able to get or make it ourselves, smiling faces checking in on us, and opportunities to find time outside of the NICU room where Henri was staying, all within a 5-minute walk from our newborn son.

Today Henri is an active, outgoing one-year-old who (now that he has a G-tube) you would never suspect has ever had any complications at all. He loves charming everyone he comes in contact with, and flipping through any book he can get his hands on, as well as cruising into trouble everywhere. We cannot thank Ronald McDonald House enough for being there during a difficult time for us!

~ Gharring Family | Twin Falls, ID | 59 Nights at the House

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