Dansie Family

Dansie Family Story

We are Ty and Ariel, and we live in Idaho Falls. Ty is an engineer at the site and Ariel is a stay-at-home mom. We had been trying to have kids for about 9 years when we decided to do in-vitro for the 3rd time. We put two embryos is and three babies came out. 2 boys and 1 girl! We were more than thrilled to have these babies come into our lives. Ariel went into labor 29 weeks into the pregnancy and was put on bed rest in the hospital for 3 weeks when the babies announced it was time for them to be delivered. Baby Ander was born first at 3lbs and 3 ounces, Baby Nixon was next at 3 lbs. 11 ounces, and the big little sister Evie was born at 4 lbs. 5 ounces. Baby Ander was under a certain weight, so he had to have extra scans of his eyes and brain to make sure everything was okay.

While we were in the NICU there are various hurdles to get over, babies have to learn to breath on their own, get the feeding tube out of their belly when they have enough energy to eat for themselves, and their brain has to teach their heart how to beat and lungs to breath and all that fun stuff us older people take for granted. Each baby had their own episode of hard times in the NICU, we called them growing pains. Each time everything seemed fine a baby was put back on oxygen for some sort of reason. It was a mountain of stress for a new mama and papa!

After 7 weeks of time in the NICU we were finally ready to go home.

We didn’t stay at the Ronald McDonald Family Room overnight, but we ate lunch and dinner there almost every day. It was amazing to be able to have that resource. Our life without the Family Room would have cost us more money in gas, food, and time. There was always a good selection of healthy food and drinks to help you make it through the day. It was more than convenient, and we loved the extra time we could just spend with the triplets and not worry what we were going to do about food.

The staff at the center were more than helpful, they offered to make meals if there wasn’t anything available and if you just wanted time to relax and be to yourself, they were happy to let you be. And if you needed someone to listen, they were there for that too. The resources offered at the Ronald McDonald Family Room provided an escape from the hospital bed side and let you relax in a good atmosphere.

We are so grateful to the staff, the people that donate food and time there, the Kneaders treats, sandwiches, and everything they offered us.

~ Dansie family  |  Idaho Falls, ID  |  3 weeks at the Ronald McDonald Family Room