Mom and Baby Son

A Difficult Pregnancy

I struggled from day one with my pregnancy with Gabriel. My diabetes wreaked havoc on my body to the point that my doctors in Twin Falls sent me up to Boise to troubleshoot my downward spiral. When I got to Boise, the doctors discovered I had developed preeclampsia, or extremely high blood pressure. Concern over my health and that of my unborn son lead to doctors inducing labor. Gabriel was delivered at only 28 weeks and weighed a little over 2lbs.

Due to my illnesses during pregnancy I had to quit my job. I was anxious about how I would manage looking after Gabriel being two hours away from home. Gabriel needed me close-by, especially after things were touch and go with a collapsed lung and being severely jaundiced. I was reminded that my sister-in-law had stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in 2006, when my nephew was born.

My first pregnancy five years earlier was easy. But between my health issues and Gabriel’s, I struggled this time around. The Ronald McDonald House helped me connect with other mothers and volunteers who were there when I needed someone to listen and when Gabriel needed me to be an earshot away from the hospital.

Having a warm and welcoming place to stay might seem to be a consolation prize when looked at through the large lens of having a sick child in the hospital but it is a blessing! Everyone at the Ronald McDonald House, from the staff, volunteers and other new mothers, had an uplifting spirit.

It seems harder and harder to find such compassion from people these days; someone who works day-in and day-out to help others. This is the blessing of the Ronald McDonald House. I know that when we come back to Boise, over the next several months, we won’t be alone. We’ll have the peace of mind of the Ronald McDonald House and Gabriel will still have me by his side.