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10 Facts About the Idaho Ronald McDonald House

The Idaho Ronald McDonald House has been helping families with sick children since 1988. Since then, the House has grown and been able to do remarkable things for the families staying there. Here are 10 facts you may not know about the Idaho Ronald McDonald House.


  1. $733,000 were provided to help lodge, feed, and support the families staying at the House
  2. Rooms were used 4,190 times to lodge the families
  3. 632 families used the Idaho Ronald McDonald House
  4. 77% of nights stayed by guests were paid for by donors like you
  5. Annual occupancy rate was 68%
  6. 484 meals prepared for the families
  7. Volunteers contributed 9,793 hours to help support the House
  8. 7 days is how long an average stay is
  9. Families are asked to pay $10 but the true cost to stay a night is a little more than $175 per night
  10. The Idaho Ronald McDonald House can accommodate up to 17 families at a time


(All data taken from 2015)